Thetahealing Advanced DNA Course

The course provides a closer examination of the technique and expands the information provided during the basic DNA course. The students learn about the Seven Planes of Existence and how to find all the programmes which prevent them from expressing their true potential. Moreover, the participants discover how to release old grudges and how to work on regret and resentment. During the three days course, they receive more than one thousand empowering downloads, which allows them to release all the limiting beliefs that still create suffering or imbalance, and to live an extraordinary experience of self awareness and spiritual evolution. Moreover, the ThetaHealing advanced DNA course offers an in-depth knowledge on how to use the digging technique, clear vows and committments, reach a deeper understanding of the Seventh Plan of Existence, release fears and feelings like resentment, refusal and regret, clean and reprogram objects and spaces.



QTR Academy Via Cinque Maggio, 11 20157 Milano (MI) Tel. 392 428 6756