Professionalism, personality, care, humanity. These are the tenets of the School founded by Ileana Rotella. The training programme of the School consists of courses composed of different modules for a total amount of 1300 hours, divided into theory classes in Milan and practice sessions with case studies. 

The attendance to the modules varies according to one’s availability. The students can request the recognition for similar courses that they have already attended. The recognition of these courses is at discretion of the faculty. It is also possibile to register to single courses, without attending the complete training programme of the School.

I was a child of only eleven. One day, as I was watching TV, all of a sudden I had some sort of intuition. I could’t just do nothing in front of suffering. I had to to something for the good of all humankind, for the good of people. I wandered about what to do. I thought that the solution might be to become a doctor. Today I am a naturopath, a homeopath and a flower therapist: my mission is to bring wellbeing and to make the difference in people’s life, easing their suffering and teaching them how to feel good.

It was summer and I was 14. There was a beautiful scarlet sunset. I was looking at the sky and in that moment I got in touch with the emotions of people. All of a sudden, I was hit by all the sufferng and the pain scattered around the world. It was then that I prayed Mother Mary: “Make me a channel of wellbeing and healing, so that I can learn to do something good for the others. Make me a channel to help the individuals, to bring wellbeing in the heart and in the life of people. Teach me why we get sick and how I can teach people to get better.

The idea of QTR Academy is born from these two events of my life: it is a path of self awareness and self consciousness.

Ileana Rotella

QTR Academy Via Cinque Maggio, 11 20157 Milano (MI) Tel. 392 428 6756