Naturopathic School Of Qtr Energy Balance

The knowledge that awakens happyness

The Naturopathic school of QTR energy balance has been founded with the goal to train highly qualified professional figures and to improve the skills of all the operators who approach the holistic world from an energetic perspective. Through a path of self awareness and self consciousness, the QTR naturopath can restore the energetic balance of the individual, focusing on their physical, mental, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

Quantum Touch Releasing QTR is an energetic vibrational technique based on quantum physics and sacred geometry and sound. QTR can activate consciusness and vitality in every human being through vibrational notes, consisting in symbols and words with a specific intention. Through the QTR technique it is possible to work with various frequencies, each affecting different aspects of the complex but highly coherent human hologram. QTR acts directly on the issue that creates the conflict in the person, relieves the emotional burden and uncovers possible disfunctional core beliefs, thus speeding up the work of elaboration of past experiences and allowing both the client and the operator to reach the desidered results faster.

Who can enrol at QTR Academy

QTR Academy is a path of self awareness and self consciousness. The Naturopathic School of QRT energy balance is the ideal choice for all those who want to start a journey of self growth and spiritual awakening.

QTR Academy can also represent a job opportunity, as the School trains professionals with the skills to support the holistic well being of the individuals. Moreover, anyone who is interested in following a path of self awareness and spiritual awakening can register for single courses.


The educational path has a modular and flexible structure: QTR Academy degree can be accomplished in a period varying from three to five years. The complete training programme of the School includes a total amount of 1300 hours, divided into theory classes in Milan and practice sessions. At the beginning of each module of a course, the students will receive specific educational materials and handouts.

At the end of each course, the students will undergo an exam to test their proficiency. At the end of the whole training programme, the professional skills of the students will be tested through a practical exam including the dissertation of a thesis.  


The Naturopathic school of QTR energy balance is a professional training centre recognized by Aspin (research centre of Erba Sacra founded to guarantee the development of the culture related to the holistic disciplines), Opes (Organization for the sports activities recognized by Coni, Italian National Olympics Commettee) and Aics (Italian Organization for Culture and Sport)

QTR Academy Via Cinque Maggio, 11 20157 Milano (MI) Tel. 392 428 6756