Thetahealing Intuitive Anatomy Course

A journey of discovery that allows the practitioners to intimately and intuitively meet and know the organs and systems. The course promotes the restoration of the balance of the organs and the body systems by releasing the accumulated energetic emotions. Each day is dedicated to a system and its organs, in order to explore their functions and the beliefs they hold and their relationship to different disorders. Through body scanning, the students improve their ability to see into the body and learn which specific beliefs and programmes are related to imbalances and how to change them. Moreover, the daily practice with other fellow members enhance their intuitive skills and their mastery of the digging technique. It’s an intense experience that deeply changes each participant and triggers a profound transformation. The Intuitive Anatomy course clears the limiting beliefs which help create energetic imbalances in the body and help practitioners to witness the restoration of well being.



QTR Academy Via Cinque Maggio, 11 20157 Milano (MI) Tel. 392 428 6756