Thetahealing Family Ties Course

The course focuses on the discovery of the beliefs we inherited from our family of origin. The ties with our family tree can be either chains that limit and restrict our freedom or bonds that make us stronger and more conscious. Through this seminar, we release the limiting beliefs that no longer serve us and increase self awareness, self acknowledgement and self acceptance to live a freer existence. The course is divided in two days: the first day focuses on releasing the limiting programmes, paying particular attention to the resentement towards parents and to the issues of the family of origin. The second day is dedicated to the discovery of the hopes and the dreams that the ancestors of our family tree entrusted us, emphasizing the gifts and the skills we received in order to strenghten our positive features and qualities.



QTR Academy Via Cinque Maggio, 11 20157 Milano (MI) Tel. 392 428 6756