ThetaHealing Basic DNA Course

The basic DNA course is the threshold to the ThetaHealing technique, which allows to change one’s subconscious patterns, either self imposed or inherited, on a core, genetic, history and soul level. The ThetaHealing technique is a healing technique based on a willing use of the Theta wave, a wave naturally emitted by the brain. During the three day course, the students experience the opening to the unconditional love of the Creator and learn how to find and change the unconsciuos beliefs, either on themselves or on other people, practising with their fellow students. Understanding how to release limiting emotions, such as anger, resentment or rancour, and how to cancel limiting programmes, promotes a sort of regeneration that transforms all the aspects of life. Indeed, it’s our thoughts that create our reality. The course focuses on the power of words and thoughts, on how the cells communicate, on the intuitive readings skills, on the technique to promote energetic balance and its principles, on the work on beliefs, feelings and well being, on the digging work to find the bottom belief and on the DNA activation.



QTR Academy Via Cinque Maggio, 11 20157 Milano (MI) Tel. 392 428 6756